São Martinho do Porto Saúda Vos!

An authentic seaside resort on a beautiful bay in central Portugal

São Martinho do Porto is a charming and cozy Portuguese seaside town. The shell-shaped bay is connected to the ocean through a narrow opening between rocky hills. There is a wide sandy beach around the bay, and further hills and dunes.

In the summer there are blue and white striped square tents along the bay that you can rent to store your belongings and possibly find some shade. The harbor is on the north side of the bay. The bay is bordered by a lively sunny boulevard that connects to a wooden footpath through the dunes to Salir. Ideal for a wonderful walk!
This bay and the many possibilities make São Martinho do Porto particularly attractive.

The beautiful bay is a paradise for the little ones. But there is also plenty to do for parents and older children, both inside and outside the bay. There are cozy and good (fish) restaurants on the beach and in the center.

There is a covered market every day.

On the south side of the bay is the picturesque village of Salir do Porto, where life is also good.

A walk through São Martinho do Porto.

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